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Get The Facts On Strata Insurance Replacement Costs

Consider yourself warned. The consequences of not being properly insured could be devastating. The fact is that stratas in BC are mandated to have current replacement cost insurance in place and if you don’t have it, then you could be liable. BC is an expensive place to live and as you can guess, construction costs …

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Professional Appraisals to Assist Estates and Executors

One of the largest investments a person makes in his/her lifetime will be real estate or the home they live in over the years.

As people get older, they must create a will and assign an executor, usually a family member. It will be up to the executor, who must allocate the assets of the …

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What Is A Property Appraisal?

For those who are unsure about what exactly is an appraisal and who needs one and when; here is basic breakdown of everything you need to know. An appraisal is an unbiased estimate of the value of a property you want to buy or already own by a third party appraiser. Basically, it is an …

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Coming Soon

More articles coming soon.…

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